5 things that used to be different in Brawl Stars!

A lot of things used to be different in Brawl Stars. In this article you can find 5 of them.

5 things that used to be different in Brawl Stars!


1. Train with Bots:

In the past it was possible to play matches alone or with your friends against bots. Thanks to this you were able to play Brawl Stars together with your friends and don’t have to risk losing trophies.

2. Brawler Boxes:

Brawler Boxes were Boxes which were available in the shop. Every Box contained a guaranteed Brawler of the chosen rarity.

3. Ricos old name:

In the past Ricos name was Ricochet. Later he was renamed to Rico. Which name do you prefer?

4. Brawl Ball:

Back in the days it was possible to walk behind the goal in Brawl Ball. Fortunately this was changedas it was being used to hide the ball and therefore it was very difficult for the other team to score.

5. Free Boxes:

Another cool thing that was removed are the free boxes. You got 2 of these for free everyday and this made it possible to open boxes without having to play a match.